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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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SIBUR launches polycarbonate grades for the automotive industry

Their production has kicked off at Kazanorgsintez, part of SIBUR and the only polycarbonate facility in Russia and the CIS.

Kazanorgsintez has started the production of two new polycarbonate grades – PC-022URC1 and PC-010URC. They are designed for the manufacturing of automotive headlamp lenses and will help fully replace previously imported materials, which have become unavailable in Russia. The only polycarbonate manufacturer in Russia and the CIS, Kazanorgsintez is now able to offer processors polycarbonate materials that are on par with foreign peer products and even, surpass them in terms of specific physical and mechanical properties. The new grades have already sparked interest among both Russian and foreign manufacturers of automotive lighting products.

The formulation of both grades, which have a purple hue, was developed by the Kazan and Moscow branches of the SIBUR PolyLab research centre at the request of a major Russian automotive headlamp manufacturer. After a series of laboratory tests and refinements based on customer feedback, the new grades have successfully passed trials in real production environments. The PC-022URC1 polycarbonate grade is a unique product in the Russian market, featuring excellent optical, physical and mechanical properties, as well as greater resistance to UV radiation.

"During joint trials, headlamps for the Lada Vesta car were manufactured. They have a rather complex shape, requiring enhanced flowability of polycarbonate in moulding. Kazanorgsintez’s products performed excellently, ensuring a smooth production process with no equipment malfunctions or quality issues. The manufactured headlamps underwent various tests, including an 800-hour exposure to UV radiation in an aging chamber. This revealed the enhanced UV resistance of Kazanorgsintez’s products as compared to imported brands", said Alexey Kaplin, Chief Expert at SIBUR.

The application of the new polycarbonate grades is not limited to just automotive headlamps. Tests have already demonstrated their efficacy in the production of eye and face personal protective equipment, as well as electrical sockets.

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