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«SIBUR» LLC is the managing organization of PJSC «SIBUR Holding».

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Uniform polyolefin grade names

On 1 April 2023, SIBUR changed the names of polyethylene and polypropylene grades produced by Kazanorgsintez and Nizhnekamskneftekhim.

The changes unify the product naming system for the Company's facilities. A shared standard for polyethylene and polypropylene grade naming applies a uniform approach to abbreviations. It will make planning supplies from different production sites and navigating the diverse product offering easier. SIBUR guarantees that the changes will only apply to grade names and will have no impact on production conditions and product quality.

Renaming grades produced by Kazanorgsintez

Old grade name New grade name
Linear low-density polyethylene
F2230 LL30203 FE
mLL10183 FE
F2030M mLL30183 FE
LL45372 RM
High-density polyethylene
273-83 HD12500 LB
PE2NT76-17 HD07580 SB
PE2NT74-15 HD04500 SB
PE2NT25-18 HD13570 IM
PE2NT22-12 HD85610 IM
PE2NT22-12UV1 HD85612 IM
PE2NT21-13UV1 HD45552 IM
273-285D HD12503 FE
293-285D HD12443 FE
293-285 HD12440 FE
Low-density polyethylene
LA 2150 LD50210 EC
LA 2175 LD75210 EC
FA2004 LD04200 FE

Renaming grades produced by Nizhnekamskneftekhim

Old grade name

New grade name
Propylene homopolymer
PP 1316M SIBEX PP H080 CF/5
PP 1500J PP H030 GP/5
PP 1500N PP H120 GP/5
PP 1300R PP H250 GP/5
Random propylene-ethylene copolymer
PP 7445LM SIBEX PP I062 CC/5
PP 7540U SIBEX PP I802 IM/5
PP 8332M SIBEX PP I083 IM/5
PP 8300N PP I120 GP/5
PP 8400N SIBEX PP I122 IM/5
PP 8348P SIBEX PP I212 IM/5
PP 8440R SIBEX PP I302 IM/5
PP 8348SM SIBEX PP I452 IM/5
PP 8440T SIBEX PP I602 IM/5
PP 9240K SIBEX PP T042 IM/5
PP 9240M SIBEX PP T082 IM/5
PP 9240N SIBEX PP T122 IM/5
PP 9240P SIBEX PP T172 IM/5
PP 9240 PM SIBEX PP T192 IM/5
PP 8300G PP I013 GP/5
PP 8310G SIBEX PP I013 CF/5
PP 8400G SIBEX PP I013 EX/5
Linear low-density polyethylene
PE 6432R LL40502 RM
PE 4118Q LL30200 FE
PE 5118QM LL30203 FH
PE 5118N LL10201 FH
PE 5118P LL20203 FH
PE 5118Q LL30200 FH
РЕ 5118NM LL10203 FH
PE 5120P LL20201 FH
PE 5122PМ LL20200 FH
High-density polyethylene
PE 6148C HD50483 FE
PE 2062T HD85610 IM

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